Productivity at its best

A cloud-based configurable platform for integrating, synchronizing, and managing outcome-based operations. Designed to integrate management, engineering, logistics and business operations, we help teams be productive naturally without time-consuming training. Pmads is flexible and scales to the needs of organizations of any size. Users get work done by implementing only what they need.

Integrated Operations

  • • Data is integrated across the platform
  • • Users see only the data they need
  • • Roles eliminate confusion and create security


  • • Intuitive navigation through perspectives and workspaces
  • • Easy to learn, simple and efficient
  • • Customizable workflows

Productivity Tools

  • • Health indicators identify tasks that need attention
  • • Personal dashboards prioritize work
  • • Interfaces for external data analytics and reporting

Cloud & Mobile

  • • Work from anywhere, in office or remote
  • • Secure, managed applications
  • • Always-on and ultra-reliable

Solutions for all

Pmads is built on the fundamental methodologies of how work gets done, and is easily tailored to almost any process. Its data-driven design is intuitive for users and quick to implement. The more Pmads is used, the closer it aligns to how you work.

DoD & Federal Agencies

Pmads was developed to handle the complex business of government, where adaptability is essential. With Pmads, you enable your mission the way you need to.

State & Local Governments

Government operations is complex at any level. Pmads provides tools that adapt to the way you work and integrate with external systems to increase productivity.


In business, the 'way you work’ can lead to success. Pmads is quick to configure and tailor into a solution that works your way.

Ready to get started?

Most organizations are operating in just a few weeks. Once implemented, Pmads is easy-to-use, and training typically takes less than an hour.



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