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Pmads Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Pmads. If you are unable to find answers in the General FAQ or Commercial FAQ below, please contact us.

General FAQ

Do you have a “try before you buy” program?

Yes. A Pmads pilot license is a great way to stand up some of your organization in the application so that you can gain a first-hand understanding of the configurability, ease of use, and power of Pmads using your data.

How do I purchase a license?

Through one of our resellers or VAR partners. Contact us for information.

Does your application provide PPBE capabilities?

Pmads is architected to support full Federal Government PPBE life-cycle planning and management. The data architecture is based on the Federal Budget schema and the DoD 5000. Pmads empowers your stakeholders to drive out-year resource requirements planning. Pmads provides a central knowledge center for your organization's entire PPBE management.

How does your application help my organization “see itself”?

The operational architecture is based on best practices and guidance for program structuring and rigor articulated in MIL-STD-881. Although this is a DoD document often viewed as a Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) manual, the program structuring guidance given in 881 actually provides best practice program management structuring guidance for any Public Sector, Government, or Commercial organization.

How customizable is Pmads to our particular organizations needs?

Pmads is configurable by your organization to support your operational needs. Pmads is adaptable and flexible through configuration such as:

  • Data filters
  • Data views and dashboards
  • Filed labels, messages, and titles
  • Reports creation and layouts
  • Workflow templates
  • Email message templates
  • Program health inspections and tolerance thresholds.
What browser does your application require?

Pmads is built on industry-leading web technologies. As such, Pmads is 100% browser agnostic and works with all leading internet browsers (IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox).

  • No additional client software or browser extensions required
  • Screens and reports export to MS Excel and Adobe PDF formats.
How do you differentiate your product from other market leaders?

Pmads enables organizations to streamline their operations with a simple deployment at a great value.

Can Pmads support the complexities of Federal Government organizations?

For Federal Government organizations, the architecture of PMADS takes into account the Federal Government specific portfolio program management policies, budgeting and financial schema frameworks. PMADS is a 100% COTS, mature-proven, out of the box usable portfolio program management platform that is architected for use in supporting Federal Government programs.

Why do organizations choose Pmads over competing companies?
  • The commitment of our team to the product and PPM domain, combined with our results-driven business model, provides customers with confidence that what they see is what they get, and all of their costs are known up front.
  • Ease of deployment and rapid user adoption quickly brings more order, consistent execution, and appropriate visibility to all stakeholders, including executive management.
  • Cost: The annual run-rate for Pmads is roughly equivalent to a senior FTE labor year. Our clients readily realize a 3-5x return on their investment by repurposing work efforts to higher-value tasks.
  • After the first year of execution, the services overhead costs to our client organizations of managing their business with PMADS is far less than competitive solutions.
What level of training is required for users of your product? Does your product have a training plan?
  • Pmads has been supporting customers since 2005. With over a decade of lessons learned through experience and insights, NMT, along with our business delivery partners, has perfected the short time-to-value deployment and training allowing for early stakeholder adoption.
  • Typical uses are trained in less than an hour of deskside user training.
What are the key operational benefits our organization can expect from licensing Pmads?

At the heart of organizational success are the people who do the day-to-day work and who own the deliverables. Empowering those program support stakeholders with an integrated suite of program portfolio management capabilities is what PMADS delivers. A PMADS empowered Integrated Program Team (IPT) environment elevates every aspect of program coordination and business execution using centrally sharable stakeholder managed programmatic information. Key benefits include:

  • Comprehensive visibility across entire program/portfolio
  • Synchronization of accounting system financials with budget requirements-plans and schedules
  • Consistent and continuous business execution
  • Standardization of processes and procedures
  • Stakeholder managed requirements based resource planning
  • Health of the program indicators: monitoring, alerts, and actions
  • Rapid time-to-value for users compels adoption and buy-in

Commercial FAQ

How do I get support for Pmads?

Every Pmads license includes unlimited user support for the duration of the license. Click here for more information about our support process.

What software do I need to install to use Pmads?

The Pmads application is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). All you need to use the software is an internet browser. No software installation is required.

How are user licenses configured?

Pmads allows you to add as many users as you need. With Amazon Web Services, you only pay for the amount of cloud storage space you need.

Can I cancel my license at any time?

Yes, licenses can be canceled at any time. Subscriptions are available on monthly and annual terms, so you won’t be billed after your license has been canceled.

What happens to my data when the license expires?

After your subscription expires, all of your data is purged from the AWS server. If you’d like to export your data before your subscription expires, you can export all of your data in the following file formats: Microsoft Excel and CSV.

Is the annual subscription paid upfront?

Yes. Annual subscriptions are prepaid.

How often is the software updated?

The Pmads application is updated on a quarterly basis. Updates are included in every Pmads subscription.

Will my Pmads license renew automatically?

For your convenience, all licenses will renew automatically.