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Empowering Local Government through data and collaboration

Pmads is a powerful Government Resource Planning software that enables local governments to become more aware, efficient, and effective.

Strategic planning

Harness sophisticated budgeting and planning tools so that your budgets align with your priorities.

Resource management

Automate time-consuming processes so you can reallocate resources to meaningful projects.

Data Accountability

Real-time data that demonstrates progress towards goals and provides accurate budget insights.

Enterprise Cloud Security

Protect your data from server crashes and hardware malfunctions by leveraging the security of a true cloud solution.

Serving constituencies with streamlined operations

Transform the operations of your local government through cooperation, communication, and data.

  • In-app notifications remind employees of personally significant tasks, events, and deadlines.
  • Facilitate approvals across departments without time-consuming phone calls, emails, and paper waste.
  • Easily transfer essential information, assets, and roles to new hires and elected officials.

Create a centralized source of truth

Eliminate data silos and connect information across departments to simplify tracking and generate reports.

  • Ensure that all users always have the most up-to-date information
  • Understand the data behind the data and drill-down to the detail you need
  • Customize dashboards and reports to view data in a meaningful way

Implemented quickly and painlessly

Individual users are operational on Pmads in less than an hour of training, facilitating total user adoption in most offices in less than sixty days.

  • Implements existing processes and objectives
  • Intuitive, configurable user experience
  • Facilitates collaboration across departments
  • Support when you need it
  • No software to install
  • Work from anywhere