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About Us

Providing solutions to the people at the heart of business operations.

We’ve provided enterprise project portfolio management software to organizations in both the public and private sectors since 2005. We deliver solutions that empower organizations to increase productivity, performance, and coordination while improving the effectiveness of communication across the organization. We enable organizations to better manage their time, resources, skills, and budgets to better align their operations with their priorities.

Pmads is an enterprise project portfolio management solution that is:

  • A commercial, off-the-shelf solution (COTS)
  • A cloud-based application

Our values

  • Integrity
    Our goal is to improve your business operations in an honest, straightforward, and no-nonsense way. Pmads ensures that your enterprise data is always accurate and provides a single source of truth for all users.

  • Value
    We have a straightforward approach to training, implementation, and support that enables organizations to maximize performance and program management while minimizing disruption and cost.
  • Efficiency
    We enable organizations to get work done quickly and effectively through our powerful financial planning tools, automations, and flexible implementation.

  • Advancement
    We are continually investing in our program to release updates and improve Pmads, increasing our program capabilities, and adapting to changing user needs.

A brief history

Pmads has been improving organization performance since 2005. The ideas and insights for Pmads were developed while working under contract for US Army organizations. Pmads is designed to:

  • Reduce data silos
  • Provide tools that enable day-to-day users to get work done
  • Promote speed, accuracy, and coordination
  • Model productivity best-practices
  • Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks
  • Generate up-to-date data for planning and decision-making
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Match existing processes, terminology, and roles

The concept for Pmads was originally conceived over a dozen years ago to meet the complexities of large scale federal government programs. Today, in its third iteration Pmads provides state and local governments and commercial organizations with robust CapEx portfolio management capabilities.