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Leverage your data for proactive program management

Increases productivity and collaboration while improving your mission support performance and operational readiness.

Engage Stakeholders

Stakeholders stay in the know with enterprise planning capabilities.

Generate Reports

Provide stakeholders with key data and information they need to make real-time mission support decisions.

Eliminate Guesswork

Utilize real-time data and reports to respond and rapidly plan based on what’s actually happening.

MIL-Spec Security

Create custom access permissions while meeting current government security standards.

Improve Readiness

Eliminate cumbersome spreadsheets and labor intensive processes with automations, enabling your stakeholders to focus on higher value mission support tasks.

  • Automatic transaction processing
  • Full life-cycle data synchronization
  • Daily program financial reconciliations
  • Conflict reporting

Adaptable to your existing operations

A SaaS solution that makes sense, since it’s fully configured to match your people, your mission, and the way your office works.

  • Custom configuration for your office prior to deployment to match existing workflows, terminology, and processes.
  • Define roles and access controls for individuals so that users utilize only what they need.
  • Adapts to changes in processes, leadership, or office mission without costly technical support or lag time.

Rapid-time to value implementation

We designed Pmads to be so easy to use that individual users are operational with less than an hour of training.

  • Ease of use means higher adoption and greater collaboration
  • Minimize disruption to your organization during implementation
  • Mature UI & UX enables quick organizational adoption
  • Full operational capability in 4-6 weeks
  • No software to install
  • Work from anywhere